Metro2 MORFi Cloud

If you are using a software in your business that has an option to export all your consumer data to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Excel file then you can use MORFi Cloud to upload the file and generate a Metro 2® format file.

Your CSV file should have the basic information that are required to create a valid Metro 2® format file. Our team of compliance experts will evaluate your CSV data and provide their feedback.


5 Easy Steps To Get Started!

Step 1

Sign up for MORFi subscription.

Step 2

Upload the CSV file using the credentials that are provided.

Step 3

We validate your data and send you a report with the data that is missing or needs to be corrected.

Step 4

You correct the data and upload the file again.

Step 5

Metro 2® file is generated and available for download.

Do you need a software to enter your consumer accounts and generate Metro 2® format file? Click the button below to learn more about Credit Time 2000©.